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Living In Sociable Neighborhoods Linked To Stroke Survival Among Seniors

Posted by: MySeniorCare Staff
4/26/2011 3:07:56 PM

Living in a sociable neighborhood, one where neighbors interact more often with eachother, and tend to rely on one another for assistance appears to be a factor in surviving a stroke for seniors.

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Understanding the Affordable Care Act

Posted by: MySeniorCare Staff
4/10/2011 7:42:08 PM

With the Affordable Care Act, a recent health care law passed by Congress, seniors may now be eligible for certain new benefits aimed at ensuring seniors get better care for a lower cost.

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Survey Says: Increase In Elder Abuse Incidents For 2010

Posted by: MySeniorCare Staff
4/3/2011 3:43:56 PM

Those of us who have acted as caregivers, either professionally or for a family member, know all to well the difficulties involved with caring for all aspects of a senior's needs.

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Number of Unpaid Alzheimer's Caregivers Growing

Posted by: MySeniorCare Staff
4/1/2011 7:58:56 AM

In a recent report by USA Today, there are now over 15 million unpaid caregivers assisting someone with Alzheimer's Disease, up 37% from last year.

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Lifting Weights, Lifting The Need For LTC?

Posted by: MySeniorCare Staff
4/21/2010 3:59:31 PM

A new study out of the aging, work and health unit at the University of Sydney, has found potential links to being underweight due to muscle wastage in women and ending up in residential care.

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Foreclosure Threatens Senior Care Homes

Posted by: MySeniorCare Staff
4/21/2010 3:49:59 PM

Residential care homes are at risk for default of mortgage as much as any other home owners out there today. And that's not good.

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