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End of Life

End of Life

Learn about the end of life process and care options for seniors. Users can find custom features focusing on everything from hospice services and palliative care to funeral planning and more.

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Get straightforward, trustworthy answers to the most frequently asked end of life related questions. If you don't see the answer to your question, ask us, we'll find the answer to it right away.

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Find our latest articles & featured stories focused on hospice care, palliative care, the dying process & more.

The Pros & Cons Of Hospice Care

It is important to realize that there are many misconceptions about this option, so caregivers should conduct as much research as possible when deciding if hospice care is right for a loved one.

Hospice Care Explained

More than 4,700 local hospice programs across the United States serve 1.4 million patients per year, along with their caregivers.

Hospice Options For Alzheimer's & Dementia Patients

Family caregivers sometimes don't link hospice with dementia. Hospice often is viewed as something to ease physical pain for a patient with an end-of-life illness such as cancer.

Insurance Options for Hospice Care

When people think about hospice care they tend to think of a type of health care facility, rather an approach to health care.

Chaplains, Spiritual Services & Hospice

One of the most important aspects of providing care for someone with a terminal illness is caring for their spiritual needs. This is where the use of hospice, and a hospice chaplain is invaluable.

The 4 Levels Of Hospice Care

When a loved one is ill or near the end of life the best place a family can think of for them to spend the remainder of their days is in the comfort and familiarity of his their home.

Funeral Planning Basics

The death of a loved one can come as a shock, and family members involved with the funeral planning process may experience stress and feelings of overwhelm.

Respecting A Loved One's Burial Wishes

One of the last and most powerful gifts you can give a loved one is to respect his or her burial wishes.

Coping With Terminal Illness Part 2: For The Family

Terminal illness impacts the lives not only of the patient, but also the lives of their friends and family members.

Coping With Terminal Illness Part 1: For The Patient

Being diagnosed with a terminal illness can trigger a wide range of emotions, including fear, anger, loss, sadness and depression.

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