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Planning For Long-Term Care

Reviewed by: MySeniorCare Staff
Last Updated: 4/15/2011 1:35:05 PM

Planning for long-term care is a task many caregivers will ultimately face and there are many aspects of the process to explore.

Choosing the right assisted living facility or nursing home, finding proper insurance coverage, calculating expenses, downsizing and coping with stress are just some of the many facets of planning for long-term care. Here are some ways caregivers can help senior loved ones plan for long term care.

What is Long-Term Care?

Long-term care can mean something different depending on specific situations. It basically is an all-inclusive definition for services that aid seniors or those with disabilities or medical conditions. These services may include things like bathing, dressing, eating, transferring back and forth from a wheelchair or furniture, and other such tasks they may be incapable of doing on their own.

Discussing Long-Term Care With Senior Loved Ones

Long-term care can be a difficult subject to discuss, but it is a necessary one. Discussing it before it even is needed is the best approach. Even if your senior loved one is in optimum health, situations can unfortunately change. Before that happens, be sure to discuss long term care openly and honestly and learn what your loved ones prefer when it comes to senior care.

Caregivers also will need to have another talk with senior loved ones once the need for long term care actually arises. This talk should include even more detail on preferences and needs.

Offer Support & Guidance to Seniors

Coming to terms with the fact they require long-term care may be difficult for your senior loved one. Be supportive and understanding, offer guidance, but also offer an ear and a shoulder.

Sometimes it's beneficial when caregivers are simply quiet and just listen. Caregivers should allow their loved ones the freedom to express their thoughts and also be there to comfort them or offer support and help where needed.

Help Senior Loved Ones Plan for Long-Term Care

Caregivers can help seniors plan for long-term care in many ways. Getting them to write down a financial plan as well as their wants and needs is very important.

Loved ones may also help seniors by assisting them in researching senior care facilities and home care options. There are many, many tasks involved in planning for long term care and that is why it is so essential to get started before the need arises. Waiting until the need arrives can be very stressful for everyone involved.

Caregivers can do their senior loved ones a world of good by making sure that planning starts well in advance!

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