Options For Senior America Of La Plata
404 Baltimore St.
La Plata, MD 20646
Nearby Hospitals Nearby Hospitals
Civista Medical Center
5 Garrett Avenue
La Plata, MD 20646
0 miles away
Fort Washington Hospital
11711 Livingston Road
Fort Washington, MD 20744
16.07 miles away
Southern Maryland Hospital Center
7503 Surratts Rd
Clinton, MD 20735
16.45 miles away
Inova Mount Vernon Hospital
2501 Parkers Lane
Alexandria, VA 22306
16.98 miles away
My Senior Care Local Stats for 20646 La Plata, MD
Senior Population
Total Population:16187
Senior Population:2261
Male Seniors:5.57 %
Female Seniors:8.40 %
65 to 69 years:4.79 %
70 to 74 years:3.05 %
75 to 79 years:2.51 %
80 to 84 years:1.76 %
85 to 89 years:1.11 %
90 years and over:0.73 %

Average Household Income:$107,805.04
Individuals Receiving Social Security:32 %
Average Social Security Income:$14,989.91
Individuals With Retirement Income:27 %
Average Retirement Income:$29,661.35
Local Unemployment Rate:5 %
Local Poverty Rate:5 %
Seniors Living in Poverty:5 %

Total Households:5332
Median Home Value:$403,249.48
Median Rent Amount:$885.04
Households With a Senior:27 %
Seniors Living Alone:12 %

Have at Least a Bachelor's Degree:28 %
Veterans:13 %
Foreign Born:3 %

White:66.60 %
Black:24.42 %
Asian:2.48 %
Hispanic:4.22 %
Native American:0.62 %
Other:0.00 %
Multiracial:2.63 %
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