Bradford Village has a rating of 1 out of 5 stars
*Rating Based on Medicare Data
Bradford Village
906 North Blvd
Edmond, OK 73034
Bradford Village is a nursing home located in Edmond, OK. It is operated by a Non Profit - Corporation management, is not part of a nursing home chain and is not located in a hospital. Bradford Village has 122 beds of which 79% are filled. They take Medicare and Medicaid as payment for their nursing home services. Bradford Village has a Medicare rating of 1 out of 5 stars, and is considered to have bad nursing staff and bad health care quality.
My Senior Care Bradford Village Details
Services Offered Details
Ownership Type: Non Profit - Corporation
Part of a Chain: No
In Hospital: No
Certified Beds: 122
Current Residents: 96
Percent of Filled Beds: 79%
Fire Safety: Fully sprinklered
Takes Medicaide/Medicare: Medicare and Medicaid
Resident/Family Council: Resident

Staff and Inspection Ratings Staff and Inspection Ratings
Nursing Staff Rating:  has a nursing staff rating of 1 out of 5 stars
Registered Nurse Rating:  has a registered nurse rating of 1 out of 5 stars
Daily Hours Per Resident
Registered Nurses: 0.38
Licensed Practical & Vocational Nurses: 1.16
Certified Nursing Assistants: 2.18
Government Inspection Deficiencies
Health Inspections Rating:  has a health inpections rating of 1 out of 5 stars
Health: 41
Fire: 19
Including deficiencies in the following categories: Mistreatment, Quality Care, Resident Rights, Resident Assessment, Nutrition and Dietary, Pharmacy Service, Environmental, Administration, Corridor Walls And Doors, Vertical Openings, Smoke Compartmentation and Control, Hazardous Area, Exits and Egress, Illumination And Emergency Power, Emergency Plans And Fire Drills, Fire Alarm Systems, Automatic Sprinkler Systems
Resident Complaints: 21
Penalties: 3  Totaling: $21,450.00

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My Senior Care  Quality Measures
Long Term Residents
* Lower percentage is better
Pain and Bed Sores
Residents with moderate to severe pain:
Provider: 4 %State: 0 %National: 4 %
High-risk residents with pressure sores:
Provider: 8 %State: 0 %National: 10 %
Low-risk residents with pressure sores:
Provider: 1 %State: 0 %National: 2 %
Bladder Control
Low-risk residents losing control of bowels or bladder:
Provider: 59 %State: 0 %National: 52 %
Residents that had a catheter inserted in their bladder:
Provider: 7 %State: 0 %National: 5 %
Residents who had a uninary tract infection:
Provider: 13 %State: 0 %National: 9 %
Residents that were physically restrained:
Provider: 1 %State: 0 %National: 3 %
Residents who became more anxious or depressed:
Provider: 2 %State: 0 %National: 16 %
Residents that lost too much weight:
Provider: 6 %State: 0 %National: 8 %
Residents whose ability to move around their room got worse:
Provider: 6 %State: 0 %National: 11 %
Residents spending most of their time in bed or in a chair:
Provider: 1 %State: 0 %National: 5 %
Residents who started needing more help for daily activities:
Provider: 4 %State: 0 %National: 13 %
Short Term Residents
* Lower percentage is better
Pain and Bed Sores & Psychiatric
Residents who have delirium:
Provider: 0 %State: 0 %National: 1 %
Residents who have pressure sores:
Provider: 14 %State: 0 %National: 13 %
Residents who had moderate to severe pain:
Provider: 26 %State: 0 %National: 19 %
My Senior Care Local Stats for 73034 Edmond, OK
Senior Population
Total Population:26591
Senior Population:3168
Male Seniors:5.52 %
Female Seniors:6.39 %
65 to 69 years:4.10 %
70 to 74 years:2.90 %
75 to 79 years:2.06 %
80 to 84 years:1.34 %
85 to 89 years:0.95 %
90 years and over:0.55 %

Average Household Income:$104,423.51
Individuals Receiving Social Security:23 %
Average Social Security Income:$18,098.09
Individuals With Retirement Income:16 %
Average Retirement Income:$28,093.88
Local Unemployment Rate:4 %
Local Poverty Rate:13 %
Seniors Living in Poverty:4 %

Total Households:9388
Median Home Value:$206,910.17
Median Rent Amount:$671.08
Households With a Senior:19 %
Seniors Living Alone:6 %

Have at Least a Bachelor's Degree:50 %
Veterans:10 %
Foreign Born:4 %

White:81.08 %
Black:4.70 %
Asian:2.64 %
Hispanic:4.33 %
Native American:2.78 %
Other:1.01 %
Multiracial:3.45 %
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