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  1. Long Term Care Insurance Frequently Asked Questions
    Apr. 15, 2011 -- Long term care insurance helps seniors prepare for the potential need for assistance with daily services.
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  2. Moving A Loved One Into A Nursing Home
    Apr. 15, 2011 -- When it comes time for a loved one to move into a nursing home they'll need all of your help and support.
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  3. Assisted Living Explained
    Apr. 15, 2011 -- An assisted living community is a secure home that offers numerous benefits. Residents receive individualized care while enjoying a variety of amenities.
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  4. Choosing An Assisted Living Facility
    Apr. 15, 2011 -- Deciding on a particular facility is certainly not easy. After all, everyone wants to make sure that the end choice is the best one.
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  5. Assisted Living & Medicaid: State by State
    Jul. 19, 2010 -- Because Medicaid options vary from state to state, and are administered at the state's discretion, the assisted living coverage available varies state to state.
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  6. Moving A Relative With Memory Loss
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- To prepare for moving a loved one with memory loss, the entire family should be involved to the greatest extent possible.
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  7. Downsizing: An Easy Way To Save Money
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- When you explain to your loved ones that moving can save them money, their first response may not be favorable.
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  8. Alleviating Stress In Seniors On Moving Day
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- For a caregiver, one of the most difficult challenges can arrive on the day when loved ones move out of their longtime home and into new living situations.
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  9. Long Term Care Insurance Explained
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- The purpose of long term care insurance is to help mitigate the costs of long-term care programs, such as hospice, palliative care and skilled nursing facilities, as well as in-home care.
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  10. Medicaid & Senior Housing
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- Caregivers and seniors who are looking ahead to senior housing needs, may be leaning towards the federal and state government program known as Medicaid.
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  11. Medicare & Senior Housing
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- Medicare is one of those government health programs that people do not think much about until an elderly person in their family needs it.
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  12. Veterans' Benefits & Senior Housing
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- Veterans' benefits are designed to assist those who have served our country in the military with aid and assistance services in a variety of ways.
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  13. Medigap & Senior Housing
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- Medigap insurance coverage (also called "Medicare Supplement Insurance") helps Medicare patients with the out-of-pocket costs not covered by their original insurance plans.
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  14. Adult Day Care Explained
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- Adult day care centers vary according to the types of services offered, but all cater to a combination of social and medical needs based on an individual's needs.
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  15. Choosing An Adult Day Care Provider
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- Choosing the best adult day care provider for your needs requires researching what type of centers are available in your area, and paying careful attention to several important issues.
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  16. Independent Living Explained
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- Independent living communities can be found across the United States, providing seniors with opportunities to socialize, have access to recreational facilities, enjoy transportation services, and take advantage of health care programs.
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  17. Choosing An Independent Living Community
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- When you act as caregiver to a loved one, choosing an independent living community may become part of the process. In that decision, there are many factors to consider.
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  18. Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) Explained
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- A CCRC is known sometimes as a life-care community. This is because it not only is a retirement community, but new services can be added as loved ones need them.
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  19. Choosing A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- It used to be that different housing facilities were required as a loved one's needs increased. With a CCRC provides multiple caring and health options all in one facility.
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  20. Nursing Homes Explained
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- Nursing homes are designed for seniors who need nursing care, rehabilitation services, or personal care services on a day-to-day basis.
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  21. Eco-Friendly Retirement Communities
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- As advances are made in senior care, an increasingly popular option is becoming more common. Eco-friendly retirement communities and retirement living have become a desire for many.
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  22. Comparing The Senior Housing Choices
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- When comparing senior housing and living facilities, it is important to know all of the options up front.
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  23. Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities Explained
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- With all the concerns about where Mom and Dad should spend their retirement years, often the last option explored is perhaps the simplest: to stay right at home.
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  24. Visiting A Loved One In Senior Housing: What To Expect
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- As a caregiver of a loved one in senior housing, you will be visiting them quite often. Here's what to look for.
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  25. How-To: Talking To Your Parents About Senior Housing
    Apr. 14, 2010 -- Coming to the decision that your parents may be better accommodated in senior housing is difficult. Even more difficult is having to talk to your parents about senior housing.
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  26. Realtors That Specialize In Senior Downsizing
    Apr. 13, 2010 -- It's time for your older loved ones to move out of that big house, and you're looking for a real estate agent who specializes in working with seniors.
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  27. Resources For Choosing A Senior Care Facility
    Apr. 12, 2010 -- It's understandable if the choice of a senior care facility for a loved one is based on personal recommendation or proximity to the home of family members. For examination of additional criteria, there are several valid resources available online from government and non-government organizations to help you assess how well a senior care facility is meeting its quality of care requirements.
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  28. Choosing A Nursing Home
    Apr. 12, 2010 -- When caregivers need to help their loved ones in choosing a nursing home, there are many things to think about. Keeping your loved one's needs and wants at the forefront is very important. Also among the tasks in the process should be background checks, the visiting of facilities and considering their amenities and services. Choosing a nursing home with care can help avoid unnecessary stress later.
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