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Eco-Friendly Retirement Communities

Reviewed by: MySeniorCare Staff
Last Updated: 4/14/2010 8:17:46 AM

As advances are made in senior care, an increasingly popular option is becoming more common. Eco-friendly retirement communities and retirement living have become a desire for many. Health and environmental benefits of the "go green" movement fit in well with the healthy lifestyles of many seniors.

How Common Are Eco-Friendly Retirement Communities?

Eco-friendly retirement communities actually are more common than you might think. More and more retirement living is focused on the green movement. This is because people not only are recognizing their impact on the planet, but also can see the healthy benefits of going green. Green retirement living can now be found in many areas across the United States.

What Are Some Ways to Implement Eco-Friendly Retirement Living?

Eco-friendly retirement communities are one way to experience eco-friendly retirement living. These communities may be fully LEED-certified, or may just implement some aspects of living green. (LEED, or leadership in energy and environmental design, is a set of eco-friendly standards developed by the U.S. Green Building Council.) Either option is more beneficial to the health of the environment, which in turn is healthier for the people living there. Another eco-friendly practice is growing one's own food, and doing so in an environmentally safe manner. Growing your own food also is healthy and great for exercise, stress reduction, relaxation, and much more. Conserving water in the home, installing eco-friendly plumbing, and reducing or eliminating chemical usage are other ways to implement eco-friendly retirement living.

How Can I Find Eco-Friendly Retirement Communities?

Finding eco-friendly retirement communities is as simple as making a phone call or conducting a Web search. Many areas are starting to realize the benefits of green retirement living. Therefore, the number of these senior care facilities continues to rise. Other sources of information are physicians and other medical professionals who specialize in senior care.

Don't Forget About Other Senior Care Options

When looking for eco-friendly retirement communities, remember to also do the same extensive research you would do when looking for senior housing in general. Choose facilities that will accommodate medical needs, green living needs, and even personal preferences. Visit the facilities in addition to any other research. Look around, ask questions and, if possible, find out how current residents feel about the community.

Remember that this is a potentially permanent residence. To help avoid another transition, pay attention to detail.

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